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Our founder and CEO, Meghan Enriquez is highly sought after to SPEAK with and INTERVIEW a variety of audiences from student leaders to experienced professionals around the most stigmatized, diverse, issues of today and how we can effectively redefine how we are leading and communicating in our private, professional and global communities.


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True Conversations fosters just what its name entails: refreshingly honest stories and empowering words about some of life’s most difficult and most lovely territory. It creates an uplifting forum for sharers and seekers alike - one that gives both solace and strength. - Bridget
“Sometimes I have to remind myself I am on a treadmill [while listening to the truecast on itunes] because I get so lost in what feels like eavesdropping in on an intriguing conversation.” - Cait, mom of 2, MD
“This is the start to something big.” - Zarif, TRUE panelist, single mom of 3, real estate broker and TEDx speaker
“It meant a lot for me to have the chance to write about my year! Thanks for giving me the space to do that... you are part of my healing journey.” - Rachel, blog contributor
“Wonderful event last night Meghan. Really it was so TRUE! The conversations were exactly what my guest and I needed to hear and we will be regulars at the upcoming events. Kuddos to you and all who were involved.”- Alison B, mother of 1