Are you asking yourself this question?​​​​​​​

Do you remember what I shared with you the other week about what is the most important question to ask yourself?

It was, “What is keeping me from hearing and trusting my inner voice?”

Another way of putting it is “What habit is no longer serving me?”

So whichever version you prefer and that clicks with you… I encourage you to finish your day asking yourself this. Identify 3 things that are just not allowing you to feel your best, think your best, and be your best. Whatever “best” means to you at this time, go with it. For me, right now “best” means joyful, energized, and in alignment.

So what are some of the things that I jotted down? (I resisted “journaling” until now… I jot… and I do so after the kids have gone to bed and I soak my feet in a sink basin for 10 minutes).

1)   Reading facebook

2)   Seeing what is wrong vs what is right

3)   Looking for approval (if this relates to you, then definitely listen to Julie’s truecast below about self love and judgment)

So a note about #1… and next week I will share what the second most important question is for you to ask yourself… we are taking a small break from reading facebook, but will pop on each Sunday to post our latest blogs and podcasts. That being said we want to welcome YOU to post “true” stories to our page.

Last week’s podcast was with Tamika Josephs Smith about what it means to be an Ultimate Woman, and this week’s podcast is with Julie Reisler about Self Love and Judgment.

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Transparency and Integrity are a Choice


Dear ones,

Earlier this month I received yet another message in my inbox encouraging me to check out a way to falsely increase my podcast numbers by paying for an automator that will "listen" and "download" my podcast so that it "appears" that more people are engaging with our content than actually are. 

This is not the first time where our decision to be 100% transparent about our TRUTHS like numbers and $$, or our just plain integrity has appeared to be, well quite ABNORMAL of a practice in today's world. 

Almost everyone, those bloggers you follow, the celebrities and though leaders or authors you think are more popular than they really are, you know there is a gimmick behind each one that they may be using to increase their LIKES, their podcast plays, their downloads, and even their book purchases? 

Here are the reasons why we will NEVER falsify our numbers and why I encourage YOU to commit to the same practice. (for real, choose integrity).

1) How does it benefit anyone to pretend you are more well known than others? (Oh yea, because bigger numbers means bigger advertisement prices) But in True Conversations, we are breaking all of the rules. Don't care about numbers, care about VALUE. We want only year long partnerships with our ACTUAL consumers of our content so that YOU are making meaningful connections, not fly by night that is flushing money down a drain.

2) When we lie to ourselves, nothing can grow stably. When you think you have an audience of 1 million then do you really stay in line with your vision and your mission the same as if you know you have so many more people to reach in this world? Why ARE you doing it? If it is just to make money then I get it, go for faking your numbers. But if your goal is REAL impact, then stop, breathe and know that your content is just as valuable NOW as it will be when millions know you.

3) We are perpetuating a culture of UNACHIEVABLE comparisons. Oh my gosh how awesome is it is that I know now that so many people FAKE their numbers? Now I can stop thinking, whew maybe they are really more important than me, or maybe they have something I do not. Wait a minute, when someone fakes their numbers (and let's just assume most do because it IS so easy to), then there is no real ability to compare apples and oranges. So stop comparing. 

Peace and fulfillment,


Reflections of 2016

Many of you may not know this, but when True Conversations LLC began, I could barely get out of bed each day. The bright moments, the moments you all saw me participate in, like the play date or the business meeting, or even my first True Conversations live event, were my tether to normalcy. I honored those moments, because for a year and a half they were the reminders to me that life has been and will be again, joyful and energetic. Those play dates, those meetings, they filled me and kept me going, even though at the same time, they depleted me and left me face down on the ground afterwards. 

You see after my son was born, began the most un-normal 18 months of my life. My body decided it had done enough, and checked out. I clung for over a year and a half to an existence and survival mode where I tried everything from holistic medicine to science based affirmations in hopes one day it would not be so difficult to just exist and do daily things, like get out of bed, and stay awake. I eventually learned about adrenal exhaustion and how my body had stopped producing cortisol, the hormone necessary for being awake and moving, as well as maintaining other hormone functions that kept electrolytes in balance and water in your body. So my body couldn't absorb nutrients or maintain hydration and if I did something that took energy it would leave me exhausted and asleep for hours or days after. It took months to find the right tests and combinations of treatment to bring me back to somewhat normal. I knew that for me it was not postpartum depression, there was something else wrong, and after understanding what was happening chemically in my body, I understand how many cases of PPD can be misdiagnosed and mistreated when the real issue are the adrenals, not your brain. 

During that time, my son was also struggling and between my health and his it was nearly impossible to bond. In between my son being born and me discovering the solution to healing my body, I refused to accept the condition of my body, and moreover the condition of my relationship and bond with my son. The more I pushed to find ways to connect with my child, the more pain I uncovered and had to subsequently heal. I acknowledged and discovered pains between God and I that I did not even knew existed from the time I was an infant, I sought closure around the circumstances of how I was conceived which healed not just myself but also my birth mother. 

True Conversations became clear to me during my toughest phase of life to date. It was that fall off of my pedestal of Super Mom and Super Business Woman, that taught me the necessity for transparency to build trust and connection, which is required in leadership in family, careers and community. If we want to empower others, we must re humanize ourselves.

When every ounce of energy was used to sustain life, to give life to another human being, and to feed that other human being, how on Earth was it that during THAT time, my heart showed me what I was meant to create NOW? 

When my heart tugged at me to get started with True Conversations NOW and not later, last December, I literally told myself I was not in any condition to do anything new. But my heart said, "Start now, learn as fast as you can, so it can be ready to take off when the world needs it to." 

I now understand why I had to start a year ago. Look around, it is now so glaringly obvious that as a community we are needing a shift in how we communicate with each other, and aren't you too feeling it? Aren't you CRAVING transparency, and realness in every aspect of your life? Aren't you ready to speak your own truths and to uplift others by sharing your imperfections with purpose? Isn't it time to re learn how to disagree with one another respectfully and to build coalitions, to stamp out fear and hate through seeing the other side as a human being and not a headline, and to understand one another with an emotional maturity greater than a teenager's?

I cannot believe the miracles, the connections, the fearlessness that has manifested over the course of the past 365 days. I learned to follow my feelings first and foremost and to follow them with fearless action that could trust 100% in my intentions and heart. I learned to approach anyone of any level of fame and speak openly and earnestly to them as a person rather than a celebrity. I learned the power of QUIET CONNECTING time with myself, with the Universe, with God, with my Heart. I learned to listen more than speak, and to ask for help no matter why and how often I needed it. I learned all of these things because for the first time in my life I could no longer do it all. I could barely breath each day or stay awake, and so for survival I put aside so many dis-serving thoughts about guilt, and strength and opened myself up to vulnerability and redefining what love really is. 

These lessons were all brought to me because my son challenged my body, mind and spirit in the  deepest of ways just by arriving into our lives. My spirit knew not to settle, not to give up and to continue asking, "What is this trying to teach me? What is this propelling me to do that I otherwise wouldn't?" Now my spirit knows that this was planned all along. I needed to fall flat on my face to go down to the barest of bones to realize what my past careers, experiences and failures had been setting me up to create for the benefit of everyone. 

I am endlessly grateful. I have been since I was born. When it comes to favors, to helpers, to my village, my memory is like a steel trap, I never forget kindness, I never take anything for granted. Thank you to everyone who held me up, who believe in this vision and who have shared themselves with others through the podcasts, blog, live events and who are now finding ways to help expand who we help.

This company, True Conversations, is a platform where every voice can be heard. This platform is your platform. This movement is your movement. This culture, if you want it to be, can be your new normal culture. I invite you to become involved, to collaborate, to contribute. Reach out and chat with me, share your heart and we can see if there is a way for your tugs for 2017 to be a part of this REVOLUTION in how we COMMUNICATE, how we LEAD, how we LOVE.


Take a moment to check out our podcasts from 2016 and TRUE Success Movement of redefining success in 2017

My New Year is about BECOMING: a story by former Miss America 2011

Story contributed by Teresa Scanlan, mom, former Miss America 2011, and student.

Okay, completely transparent post here:
2016 was by far the most difficult year of my life so far.
Yet also, as these things often go, if was the most amazing as well.

Turning 23, finishing my time at Patrick Henry College, having a baby in the middle of finals, moving from Virginia to Connecticut, enduring an adulterous marriage and subsequent divorce, becoming a single mom, moving to Nebraska, and starting life over again...

I spent over three months of the year in depression and at least another three becoming angry, bitter, resentful, and vindictive. I became someone I never wanted to be and the precious time I have with Jace was ticking away unnoticed.

Even through the hardships of 2016, my biggest blessing was having my son and moving back to be with my family. Today, in many ways, I feel like I have my life back.

I remember this day one year ago quite vividly. Laying in bed next to him, pregnant, yet feeling a kind of darkness surrounding me. I should have been so happy and excited, yet I couldn't shake the feeling. I couldn't plan for the year or even dream; I felt like I was up against a wall. Without going into unnecessary detail, my marriage was controlling to say the least, so many things I had always wanted to do were "off the table." I tried to write down goals... but nothing would come to me. I tried to decide what I wanted to do and move toward, but I only saw darkness. At the time, I didn't know why and I didn't understand what was wrong until months later.

Today, I have my goals and plans written out once again. I'm actually looking forward to the new year again and feel a passion for life that I thought I lost. These plans are less about doing and having and instead about BEING and BECOMING. I know the person I want to be. I know the kind of mom I want to be. I know I want to be a much different woman than I have been for the past year.

Life is too short to become a victim of circumstances. Life is too wonderful to focus on hardship. And life is too beautiful and God too good to settle for anything less than life lived abundantly!

So here's to a new day and a new year; here's to second chances and here's to new beginnings!



To hear more stories that are Transparent, Real, Uplifting and Empowering check out our Podcast Truecast series and TRUE Success podcast. Subscribe to our soundcloud and itunes channel to listen to free podcasts on the go! 

My Feelings are Not My Child's Feelings

Last night, after feeling some really big feelings, I had an aha moment - As a parent, OUR own feelings, are NOT our children's feelings. Just like our childhood or our fears or our dreams are NOT our children's. My fears as a child are not the same ones my kids will face so why am I worrying as if I AM them?

I know you may read this and think, "duh" but stop and think for a moment and really take an inventory check. How many times do you brew over something anticipating how your child will feel, or act, or react before they have even shown you how they actually will? 

How much of your anxiety and behavior is caused by protecting them from pain, that honestly, they may never even notice? We all do it, because we assume that how we would feel is how they will feel. We do it when recommending a good career when they go off to college, we do it when we stay up all night wondering are they crying themselves to sleep when staying at gramma's house.

So for anyone who needs to the awakening to this, OUR feelings are not anyone else's for that matter, especially our children's. Expect them to flourish and to not carry your pain with them as they navigate the world. Work on yourself so you can fly through it with them.