True Friends Can Stand A Messy House

This morning we had a beautiful spontaneous visit from a good friend as she was running errands with her daughters. After a quick text, and bringing the dog down the stairs I had no time to even think about cleaning up.

The cool thing was, I didn’t actually even THINK about cleaning up. Why would I? I knew that this friend would not care, nor judge me for the state of my house, or ME for that matter. The house this morning was actually not half bad. But there I was in the clothes I slept in, my face not washed for the past 2 days and my hair looking like limp spaghetti (and there may have even been spaghetti in it!)

We had a great quick catch up, the girls played together and they were on to the next thing. How freeing it is to have friends like that in your life. The ones you don’t have to put on make up for, or even a bra haha. The ones that not only do not judge you for your messy house but help nurture it by coming over and adding to the disarray with love and play.

These are the friends that my husband and I enjoy cultivating and look forward to enjoying more of this coming year.