Liking Your Body... for Now

There is something transformational that happens  during the year after growing, laboring and delivering a baby. You, for the first time maybe in your entire life, like your body. You  see your body for its functionality and wonder why you ever worried so much over one flabby spot or a few stretch marks.

Because if you are like me, two kids later you now have hashtags of stretch marks and the consistency of your abdominal region is like the floor sponge in the children’s book If You Give A Mouse  aCookie. Nothing fits and you barely have the wherewithall to put on make up let alone shower. Yet you don’t fret about going out in public without doing your eyebrows or if someone can see your love handles.

You are getting front point a to b and not losing your mind or a child and that is not only good enough because your standards are low but it has always been good enough. After having a baby you stop worrying everything is perfect. The truth is no one but yourself prior to having a baby was paying that close of attention to you anyways. Now you have simply caught up to real life perception of how awesome and functional your body is!

It grew a human. You ate for a purpose and mood swings but mostly for a purpose. Your body did its best delivering the baby into the world and recovered from the trauma. It may have even fed the baby single handedly or boobedly for a year or less or more. It is awesome. Now you know it lile really do get it. You understand that maybe your spouse and friends had been saying a shred of truth before that you rock and so does your body.

This honeymoon phase for the love of your body does end. Right around when the weight has stopped falling off and you are faced with either buying a new wardrobe or getting pregnant again to stay in your maternity clothes. How do we stay in touch with this truth about ourselves?