Are you asking yourself this question?​​​​​​​

Do you remember what I shared with you the other week about what is the most important question to ask yourself?

It was, “What is keeping me from hearing and trusting my inner voice?”

Another way of putting it is “What habit is no longer serving me?”

So whichever version you prefer and that clicks with you… I encourage you to finish your day asking yourself this. Identify 3 things that are just not allowing you to feel your best, think your best, and be your best. Whatever “best” means to you at this time, go with it. For me, right now “best” means joyful, energized, and in alignment.

So what are some of the things that I jotted down? (I resisted “journaling” until now… I jot… and I do so after the kids have gone to bed and I soak my feet in a sink basin for 10 minutes).

1)   Reading facebook

2)   Seeing what is wrong vs what is right

3)   Looking for approval (if this relates to you, then definitely listen to Julie’s truecast below about self love and judgment)

So a note about #1… and next week I will share what the second most important question is for you to ask yourself… we are taking a small break from reading facebook, but will pop on each Sunday to post our latest blogs and podcasts. That being said we want to welcome YOU to post “true” stories to our page.

Last week’s podcast was with Tamika Josephs Smith about what it means to be an Ultimate Woman, and this week’s podcast is with Julie Reisler about Self Love and Judgment.

Both can be found at