Transparency and Integrity are a Choice


Dear ones,

Earlier this month I received yet another message in my inbox encouraging me to check out a way to falsely increase my podcast numbers by paying for an automator that will "listen" and "download" my podcast so that it "appears" that more people are engaging with our content than actually are. 

This is not the first time where our decision to be 100% transparent about our TRUTHS like numbers and $$, or our just plain integrity has appeared to be, well quite ABNORMAL of a practice in today's world. 

Almost everyone, those bloggers you follow, the celebrities and though leaders or authors you think are more popular than they really are, you know there is a gimmick behind each one that they may be using to increase their LIKES, their podcast plays, their downloads, and even their book purchases? 

Here are the reasons why we will NEVER falsify our numbers and why I encourage YOU to commit to the same practice. (for real, choose integrity).

1) How does it benefit anyone to pretend you are more well known than others? (Oh yea, because bigger numbers means bigger advertisement prices) But in True Conversations, we are breaking all of the rules. Don't care about numbers, care about VALUE. We want only year long partnerships with our ACTUAL consumers of our content so that YOU are making meaningful connections, not fly by night that is flushing money down a drain.

2) When we lie to ourselves, nothing can grow stably. When you think you have an audience of 1 million then do you really stay in line with your vision and your mission the same as if you know you have so many more people to reach in this world? Why ARE you doing it? If it is just to make money then I get it, go for faking your numbers. But if your goal is REAL impact, then stop, breathe and know that your content is just as valuable NOW as it will be when millions know you.

3) We are perpetuating a culture of UNACHIEVABLE comparisons. Oh my gosh how awesome is it is that I know now that so many people FAKE their numbers? Now I can stop thinking, whew maybe they are really more important than me, or maybe they have something I do not. Wait a minute, when someone fakes their numbers (and let's just assume most do because it IS so easy to), then there is no real ability to compare apples and oranges. So stop comparing. 

Peace and fulfillment,