A Story Worth Telling

"In 2006 I took some time off from work to travel to Argentina.... We were at a crucial moment in the business's development- but I had promised myself a vacation and wasn't going to back out. For years I believed that it's critical for my soul to take a vacation, no matter how busy I am.

When I returned to Argentina my main mission was to lose myself in its culture..." - excerpt from "Start Something that Matters" 

During that trip though, Blake saw a need for children to have shoes, and also fell in love with the Argentinian shoe and wanted to bring it to America's market. Instead of starting a non profit dependent on donors which would surely run out, he put his business sense together with his heart and created a new business model.

Today we all know Blake and his shoes. They are TOMS shoes!

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True Friends Can Stand A Messy House

This morning we had a beautiful spontaneous visit from a good friend as she was running errands with her daughters. After a quick text, and bringing the dog down the stairs I had no time to even think about cleaning up.

The cool thing was, I didn’t actually even THINK about cleaning up. Why would I? I knew that this friend would not care, nor judge me for the state of my house, or ME for that matter. The house this morning was actually not half bad. But there I was in the clothes I slept in, my face not washed for the past 2 days and my hair looking like limp spaghetti (and there may have even been spaghetti in it!)

We had a great quick catch up, the girls played together and they were on to the next thing. How freeing it is to have friends like that in your life. The ones you don’t have to put on make up for, or even a bra haha. The ones that not only do not judge you for your messy house but help nurture it by coming over and adding to the disarray with love and play.

These are the friends that my husband and I enjoy cultivating and look forward to enjoying more of this coming year.

Learning How to Give Myself Credit as a Mother

Shared with permission by its author Kathryn Marriott.

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In May of this year I was asked as part of a group exercise to reflect on our own mothers.

At the time I struggled to reflect reality or sugar coat & BS an answer. I aimed to be authentic and get from that morning SOMETHING. So I just went for it and was real.

I realized the words I used to describe her aren't the words I want my children to use in describing me. I felt guilty. I felt bad. I just accepted that my mom isn't who I wanted her to be. (Or so I thought)

Today... I had a cool moment with my mom and I want to share that moment, because it's 100% what we all wrestle with and made me realize something simple.

I am at my parents in NC. My one child was asleep and the other was getting iPad time. We were able to just "catch up" which we rarely pause to do and even when we can, we just don't. I can't even remember the dialogue or how we got there but she looked at me and said, "You are an amazing mom. I don't think you give yourself credit for what you juggle. But you need to start doing that."

It was a simple moment. It was a sweet moment. But with what we are balancing, it was an unexpected moment; we were 100% comrades. She with experience and me listening.

My mother just handed me the wisdom that we as mothers are all searching for... How do we do it all; with so many hats to wear...how do we balance ourselves? The answer: By giving ourselves credit, which is uncharacteristic and so challenging... At least for me.

Thanks Mom. I heard you. I will try.

We may not have the best/most ideal relationship, but she is my mother and God love her, she tries. And today, she told me what I needed to hear and what I needed to focus on: be forgiving with myself. Start recognizing what I am doing as a mother vs what I'm not doing.

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Lessons From Grief: Learning Worthiness and Priorities in My Career

Contributed by: Michelle Malawer, owner of Dating by Danya. Twitter: @MichelleMalawer @DatingByDanya

Two years ago, on August 5th, 2014, my mother died. It had come suddenly, a slow descent over what happened to be five months.

After a rocky start to my career, everything was finally in order I thought: I moved from D.C. to Philadelphia for a paid internship at a web design firm that would turn into job. Moving and housing arrangements were hastily made and I left to greet my future. But two weeks later, I had a choice: I could stay at the firm or come home. My mom was dying.

It had started as an emergency visit to the ER: my mother couldn’t breathe. It turned out a tumor was pressing on her trachea. She had stage 4 lung cancer. She needed a tracheostomy, then a ventilator, then chemo. Everything happened so quickly. She was in the ICU for a month, then a step down unit. It was not only difficult to know what to do, but difficult to know what she wanted to do: The cancer had paralyzed her vocal chords. She could not use her voice.

There were conversations. Several groups of doctors explained to us her options were rehabilitation and physical therapy or hospice. It became clear, however, hospice was the only compassionate answer.

There was no tug, no pull, no question that I would leave the internship in Philadelphia even if they could not hold it for me. It felt natural, and right, I should return home. Not that my mother and I had a smooth relationship - we didn’t. She always wanted to be closer to me than I allowed her to and at the time I didn’t respect her. But somehow I felt guided, and supported, by the universe - there was no doubt in my mind I was doing the right thing.

No matter how tough each day was - there was the day the hospice almost let her suffocate and the day she almost fell on her head - it felt like I was a higher version of myself and that I was plugged into the divine order of things.

It surprises me, but the most difficult part of everything was not her dying, or giving the eulogy, or standing at the burial. It is the aftermath. Building my life, and career back, day by day. Because I quit the web design, I needed to find another job. I found a job ghostwriting profiles that was remote and part-time. For a year after she died I allowed myself the luxury of working part time in order to spend the other half healing in the comfort of my home. Then a cousin suggested I start my own business ghostwriting online dating profiles and that’s what I’ve been doing for the past year.

The last five months I spent with my mom taught me important lessons, most notably that life happens outside the office. It showed me I would be best served with a flexible job so that I can show up to the important things in life, a key motivator in deciding to start my own business. It also taught me that unless I make a conscious, concerted happy to be happy, my mood will rarely be “pleased” or “happy” or “contented.”

And most importantly, though, it taught me that the universe has infinitely better plans for me than I can possibly come up with.

Building my business is a series of saying “yeses” even though I don’t know the outcome. It is highly uncomfortable and I don’t know whether I will succeed or fail. But I need to try because my mother taught me, in her dying, my worthiness. That I cannot deliver mediocrity, and unhappiness, any longer.


Maryland Peace Day: Nominate for TRUE Leadership Award

Maryland's Peace Day Celebration

 September 21, 2016  6-8:30pm

Networking * Food * *Panel Discussion * Awards

Libations Tavern Millersville MD

Join us for some great food, drinks, networking, recognition and a thought provoking panel discussion "From World peace to inner peace".

In preparation for MARYLAND'S PEACE DAY CELEBRATION inspired by World Gratitude Day and International Peace Day September 21st, 2016, we are accepting nominations for 1 True Leadership Award

Who do you know? We define TRUE by people who are transparent, real, uplifting and empowering.

What makes them transparent, real, uplifting and empowering? What have they done for you or the community and what makes you grateful for them? How do they help bring peace to the world or shine a light in their own unique way?

Submit your nomination today: Simply enter the form below by September 14th. We will share it on social media and the public can vote on each nominee throughout September to help in the judging.

Nominations will be reviewed by a panel of community leaders, and one person will be selected for each award. The nominee and the person who nominated them will be our honored guest and receive their award at the event in Maryland on September 21, 2016. 

Purchase your tickets today to network with and hear from local leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators, coming together for a night to celebrate peace and understanding. http://mdpeaceday.eventbrite.com

  • 6pm: Networking, heavy appetizers, cash bar

  • 6:30pm: Panel Discussion and Q&A

  • 7:30pm: Presentation of True Gratitude Award and Remarks

  • 8:00pm: Relationship building, networking, photo taking

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Sponsors: Josie Designs www.josiedesigns.com

The International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”) is observed around the world each year on 21 September. Established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution this as a day devoted to “commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples.”http://internationaldayofpeace.org/

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