True Conversations Facilitation/Speaking Engagements

Be comfortable engaging in the most difficult, stigmatized yet necessary conversations you will experience professionally and personally in the context of a polarized society. Not only do our keynotes, and workshop series program increase the effectiveness and confidence of your communication skills in tough situations, but develops the qualities of a person who is whole, self assured, empathetic and willing to hold space for differences with respect.


Book us to lead your next panel discussion, on stage interview, or radio show/podcast/tv show.

Training /Coaching

Have us facilitate your next leadership training or receive one on one coaching in order to manifest your soul's calling with the communication and personal growth needed.


Host your Own podcast show on our global network

Podcast your stories and wisdom to promote, preserve or progress your community! From DIY or Full Service, we can help you get your show onto our network!

We look forward to hearing from you to see how we can connect with your community.