Episode 9: Racism in America with Photojournalist Haywood Galbreath

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Party Politics founder, Atiba Madyun invites photojournalist Haywood Galbreath to the table to discuss how racism played a role in the OJ Simpson trial and how that trial has played a role in racism experienced today in America, from #takeaknee to police brutality to music and media influences. Co hosted with True Conversations founder, Meghan Enriquez, this truly brings 3 unique perspectives on the black culture experience to the table, with challenging and much needed discussion about what we can do now to move forward and eliminate barriers of inclusion for future generations. Follow Party Politics on facebook and instagram @partypoliticsus today! www.true-conversations.com/chalkboard-conversations for all of the Party Politics podcasts. 



Episode 8: Behind the Camera at the OJ Simpson Trial

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Haywood Galbreath, an award winning photojournalist who has captured numerous Presidents, was the last person to photograph OJ Simpson with his Heisman trophy and was the only photojournalist at all to capture the entire OJ Simpson trial (including photo credit below) is speaking out now about the truth of racism, the obstacles he experienced getting into the trial and what really happened in that courtroom. Having been blackballed out of the media since the trial ended and having 23 years to reflect and view the role media has to play in today's criminal justice system, systemic racism and more, he shares his truth with us on this episode of Party Politics Podcast, on the True Conversations Network. www.partypoliticsus.com and www.true-conversations.com 

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Bio Haywood Galbreath

E-Mail: haywood@http://www.haywoodsphoyography.com

Website: http://www.haywoodsphoyography.com
PH: (310) 505-0543

History making Photo/Journalist, Actor, Motivational speaker, Media / Human rights Advocate
Haywood Galbreath is an award winning “history making” photojournalist living in and working out of Los Angeles/ Hollywood California. He began his journalism career in 1984 working as a sound technician for television station WSVN7 in Miami/ Fort Lauderdale Florida. Having the entrepreneurial spirit Haywood established HGSTAR1NEWSPHOTOS while living in fort Lauderdale/Miami. Haywood’s career has included working as an actor, stuntman on the hit television show Miami Vice. He also was personal photographer and bodyguard to one to two lead actors of the series Phillip Michael Thomas.
After relocating to Los Angeles/Hollywood California in 1989. Haywood established HGSTAR1NEWSPHOTOS in Los Angeles/Hollywood California. Covering news throughout Southern California and parts of the nation for the Black Press of America. Haywood has the distinct privilege of being the only Black Press photojournalist working for the Black Press
of America to have covered and been in the press pool of five presidents of United States. Having been a photographer for the day for three of them.
In 1994 Haywood made history when after petitioning the court his company became the first black owned news photo service in the history of America to have equal access in a major court case in America alongside mainstream media captured images of what was taking place in that courtroom. Haywood and his news service also made history several
times throughout the nineties by becoming the first black owned news photo service. To serve as pool photo camera for major court case. To cover the Emmy award live show from inside the venue and was taking place and covering the prestigious Breeders’ cup.
In 2008 Haywood served as one of the official photographers in California for then senator Obama when he was running for presidency of the United States. One of the greatest achievements of his career is being the only photojournalist in the world to have daily access to the largest criminal court case in the history of America. The O.J. Simpson double
murder trial “called the trial of the century”. In 2004 Haywood established Minority Photo Journalism Institute (MPJI) to teach youth in urban areas photography, photojournalism and broadcasting. With the goal of having them realize their full potential and given them an opportunity to be a part of a most rewarding profession. In 2013 Haywood won the
“unsung hero award“, a national award from Ford Motor Company Foundation for his work with youth. For more information about the Haywood’s go to the website listed above.

Episode 7: Party Politics Podcast on Multi Cultural Identity

Meghan Enriquez, founder of True Conversations LLC, has an amazing story. She was adopted and came to America from South Korea at 4 months of age. Her adoptive parents in Massachusetts are white and what she experienced as "identity" growing up, resonated so much. I believe all of you will find something in her story that is not only true for many of us, but is very human.

Last, her fear for her children growing up at this time in history under this administration I believe you will NOT want to miss. We are all connected. Thank you Meghan for sharing a "true conversation!" - Atiba President and Founder of Party Politics US


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Episode 6: True Conversation with Party Politics' Founder

What are the stories and real life experiences that compelled Atiba Madyun to begin Party Politics years ago, before politics was so prominently on every citizen's mind?

Why did he see a need to put party politics aside, to welcome both sides of the table to the conversation, and to promote active citizenship?

Whether you are wondering, where do I fit into this polarized landscape, is there a place for me to talk about my perspective, or how does a descendent from both slaves and slave owners arrive at the conclusion that love, listening, and understanding is what will ultimately move our country forward? 


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Atiba Madyun is president and founder of Party Politics US.  For the past year, Party Politics has collected data from varying American demographics about what they want the next President to work on.

Atiba is also a public affairs consultant with twenty years of experience building coalitions and strategic partnerships for corporations and nonprofits.  He has specialized knowledge and expertise in legislative strategy, communication, partnerships, outreach and education.  For the past seven years he has been a consultant for Pfizer and has consulted for the Union Station Redevelopment Corporation, CommonHealth Action, National Conference of State Legislators, National Black Caucus of State Legislators and the National Native American Caucus of State Legislators.  

Prior to leaving the National Black Caucus of State Legislators in 2009 where he served as Deputy Executive Director for seven years, he directed the organization’s public policy and communications staff/consultants and was the organization’s liaison to The White House, Congressional Black Caucus, National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL), National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators (NHCSL), The National Governors Association (NGA) Council of State Government and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In these roles, he fostered relationships with government personnel, elected officials and corporate executives.

Today, he provides lobbying, training, branding, marketing, communication and social media outreach, multicultural outreach and strategic partnership services. As a television and radio political analyst, he gives expert political analysis on politics. Atiba has also been published in the Huffington Post and The Guardian.  

Episode 5: Active Citizen Charles Belk Fitting the Description

Charles Belk of Fitting the Description joins us for our monthly partner podcast for Party Politics US Chalkboard Conversations and True Conversations. Hear the story of an ordinary citizen who ends up surviving a false arrest, his story goes viral and learns quickly the ramifications of what an arrest, even false, causes. Turned active citizen, Charles shares his story with us and the wisdom from the past two years of changing legislation.


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Episode 4: The Path Forward- Bipartisan Talk


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* Christine Beatty - Former Chief of Staff City of Detroit, Campaign Strategist

* Adi Sathi - Vice Chair Emeritus, Michigan Republican Party & APAICS Legislative Fellow, United States Senate

After completing both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the University of Michigan, Adi was elected in February 2015 to a two year term as a statewide Vice Chair of the Michigan Republican Party at the age of 24. For his work in this role, he was recognized in both 2016 and 2017 on Newsmax’s annual list of 30 Most Influential Republicans Under 30. Over the last six years, Adi has managed or advised on numerous successful political campaigns at the local, state, and federal level. As a student, he was elected to serve as the Executive Director of the Association of Big Ten Students, an organization that consists of the 14 Big Ten schools from 11 different states and represents over 540,000 students. For his work in this role, he was invited to the 2013 White House Youth Summit and recognized by Red Alert Politics on their 2014 ’30 Under 30′ list. Most recently Adi was a 2016 Fellow in the Michigan Political Leadership Program through Michigan State University’s Institute of Public Policy and Social Research. He is currently an APAICS Legislative Fellow in the Office of Senator Orrin G. Hatch who serves as both the President Pro Tempore of the U.S. Senate as well as the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. In his free time, Adi enjoys cheering on Michigan sports teams, working out, and watching Netflix documentaries. 

Episode 3: What Happened in Charlotte


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Tracey Wopperer, Party Politics US -- Charlotte, NC discussing The Path forward event

Janay Marriel Smith is a mechanical engineer, product designer, lawyer and comedian whose purpose is bound by improving the lives of others. Ms. Smith’s life is defined by seamlessly weaving professional training, personal experiences and gut instinct. She executes this trifecta via story-telling, activism, consumer product design, and public policy campaigns.

Ms. Smith’s exposure to law was immediate and intense as a child reared by civil rights activists in Montgomery, Alabama. Such a pro-active environment led her to the politically aware and socially conscious Howard University where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Her intrigue with international policy and multiculturalism blossomed while living in Washington, D.C.

Ms. Smith’s career began as an engineer for Ford Motor Company. By 25, she was a manager for the international award winning KA’s Squeak and Rattle manufacturing team in Valencia, Spain. Her experience on such an influential multi-national team birthed her passions for international exploring and cultural understanding.

She fervently supports the democratic process and equity under the law (her contributions to the 2008 United States presidential campaign gained national recognition). Her commitment to human rights, health care and environmental issues expanded after legal experiences in Italy and Africa. Ms. Smith’s international efforts tapped her as an Ambassador for Namibia’s Hardap Region. Smith serves as co-founder and co-president of Visceral Media Group (VMG). VMG is dedicated to creating film, television and music content that entertains, educates and inspires. VMG is co-owned by accomplished, veteran producer Mr. James DuBose. This duo is bound by a commitment to tell compelling biographical and motivational stories.

Ms. Smith currently owns and manages The Jock Michael Smith Collection (TJMSC), the world's largest privately held multi-sport collection of game worn, authenticated memorabilia. She uses the collection to stimulate, and motivate, conversations across cultural, racial and gender lines. She has created a partnership with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) to exhibit over 40 key artifacts in Washington, D.C. The sports gallery of NMAAHC would not exist without TJMSC. She was President of SCORE! Las Vegas, the nation’s first multi-sport interactive exhibit with game worn memorabilia.

J. Smiles is the stage name Ms. Smith uses as a standup comedian. Referred to as the conscious comic, she tackles controversial topics in a manner that allows the entire audience to leave with a new perspective. She performs standup regularly. J. Smiles was a co-host on The Ladies Lounge radio show. Her creative design endeavors are contained within The J Factor, an independent invention firm. Ms. Smith has deep, lasting connections with organizations such as The Rosa and Raymond Parks Foundation, the Democratic National Committee, Lawyers Without Borders and the American Heart Association. She is member of the American Bar Association, the Alabama Bar Association, the National Bar Association, the Industrial Designers Society of America and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

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Listen to two campaign strategists discuss how he did it, the issues in Michigan, did voters vote against their interests and how will Republicans hold Michigan or how will Democrats reclaim the state?

Adi Sathi, Vice Chair Emeritus Michigan Republican Party and APAICS Legislative Fellow United States Senate

Christine Beatty, Campaign Strategist and Former Chief of Staff, City of Detroit

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Episode 2: Where Do We Go From Here?

Listen in to Illinois Democratic Assistant Majority Leader, State Senator Donne Trotter, Janaye Ingram, Director of Logistics for the Women's March, Alexandra Gail Van Hook, student Texas State University, Michael Hart, former President, Texas State Organization of Student Social Workers (OSSW) discuss the climate of college campuses, how the movement of the Women's March began and what is happening now, as well as the state of Illinois, where their budget has been frozen and what we can do about preventing it in the future. This is a True Conversations truecast in partnership with Party Politics US Chalkboard Conversations.


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Where Do We Go From Here? #ActiveCitizen

Our Hosts:

Atiba Madyun President at Party Politics and CEO of TMG- the Madyun Group

Meghan Enriquez CEO of True Conversations

Our Guests:

Dr. Aleksandra Nesic

Dr. Aleksandra Nesic is a Research & Teaching Professor of Cultural-Conflict Psychology at the US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School (USASOC/SOCOM), Senior Faculty of Human Security Studies at the School for International Training, Graduate Institute of World Learning in Washington DC and a Visiting Faculty at the Joint Special Operations University (USSOCOM) in Tampa, Florida.

Previously, Dr. Nesic was a Professor and a Program Director at the Florida State University’s Global Citizenship educational initiative where she developed and coordinated programs in intercultural and interfaith education, conflict resolution, global citizenship and peacebuilding as well as designed and taught courses in Cross-Cultural Communication, International Relations and Conflict Resolution. She is a co-founder, a partner and senior researcher of Valka-Mir Human Security, LLC, a human security development and research firm specializing in psycho-social and cultural analysis and integration of communities in conflict. 

Dr. Nesic has over 10 years of cross-cultural communication and conflict resolution training and teaching. She provides customized training services for university faculty, staff, and students from over 100 different countries, corporate, military and non-governmental organizations in the US and abroad. Dr. Nesic consults the United Nations Systems Staff College, and is an active board member of several international non-governmental organizations working in peace and conflict areas. She is an experienced public speaker fluent in English, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian, a published author, and has chaired and presented her research at a number of international, national and regional conferences focused on international conflicts, human security and peacebuilding.

Aleksandra holds a PhD in International Conflict Analysis and Resolution, a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication and International Education, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.


Kenneth Romero is the Executive Director of the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators (NHCSL), an affiliate of the Council of State Governments.

Kenneth graduated from Boston University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. After completing his Juris Doctor at the University of Puerto Rico, he moved to Washington, DC to pursue a Master’s in International Business and Trade Law at American University. At the same time, he began his career in public service at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, working on trade policy.

He later was appointed Director of Tourism for the City of San Juan. He also worked as Director of Issues and Public Affairs for the Office of the Governor of Puerto Rico and later served as Legislative and Federal Affairs Counsel to four Secretaries of Transportation of Puerto Rico.

Before joining NHCSL, Kenneth served as Executive Aide and Advisor to the Speaker of the Puerto Rico House of Representatives. He was appointed Chairman of the Host Committee for the 53rd Annual Meeting and Policy Forum of CSG’s Eastern Regional Conference.

As Executive Director of NHCSL, Kenneth currently serves as co-chair of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda’s Government Accountability Committee.


Michael Collins - Chief of Staff for Congressman John Lewis


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