Episode 8: Behind the Camera at the OJ Simpson Trial

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Haywood Galbreath, an award winning photojournalist who has captured numerous Presidents, was the last person to photograph OJ Simpson with his Heisman trophy and was the only photojournalist at all to capture the entire OJ Simpson trial (including photo credit below) is speaking out now about the truth of racism, the obstacles he experienced getting into the trial and what really happened in that courtroom. Having been blackballed out of the media since the trial ended and having 23 years to reflect and view the role media has to play in today's criminal justice system, systemic racism and more, he shares his truth with us on this episode of Party Politics Podcast, on the True Conversations Network. www.partypoliticsus.com and www.true-conversations.com 

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Bio Haywood Galbreath

E-Mail: haywood@http://www.haywoodsphoyography.com

Website: http://www.haywoodsphoyography.com
PH: (310) 505-0543

History making Photo/Journalist, Actor, Motivational speaker, Media / Human rights Advocate
Haywood Galbreath is an award winning “history making” photojournalist living in and working out of Los Angeles/ Hollywood California. He began his journalism career in 1984 working as a sound technician for television station WSVN7 in Miami/ Fort Lauderdale Florida. Having the entrepreneurial spirit Haywood established HGSTAR1NEWSPHOTOS while living in fort Lauderdale/Miami. Haywood’s career has included working as an actor, stuntman on the hit television show Miami Vice. He also was personal photographer and bodyguard to one to two lead actors of the series Phillip Michael Thomas.
After relocating to Los Angeles/Hollywood California in 1989. Haywood established HGSTAR1NEWSPHOTOS in Los Angeles/Hollywood California. Covering news throughout Southern California and parts of the nation for the Black Press of America. Haywood has the distinct privilege of being the only Black Press photojournalist working for the Black Press
of America to have covered and been in the press pool of five presidents of United States. Having been a photographer for the day for three of them.
In 1994 Haywood made history when after petitioning the court his company became the first black owned news photo service in the history of America to have equal access in a major court case in America alongside mainstream media captured images of what was taking place in that courtroom. Haywood and his news service also made history several
times throughout the nineties by becoming the first black owned news photo service. To serve as pool photo camera for major court case. To cover the Emmy award live show from inside the venue and was taking place and covering the prestigious Breeders’ cup.
In 2008 Haywood served as one of the official photographers in California for then senator Obama when he was running for presidency of the United States. One of the greatest achievements of his career is being the only photojournalist in the world to have daily access to the largest criminal court case in the history of America. The O.J. Simpson double
murder trial “called the trial of the century”. In 2004 Haywood established Minority Photo Journalism Institute (MPJI) to teach youth in urban areas photography, photojournalism and broadcasting. With the goal of having them realize their full potential and given them an opportunity to be a part of a most rewarding profession. In 2013 Haywood won the
“unsung hero award“, a national award from Ford Motor Company Foundation for his work with youth. For more information about the Haywood’s go to the website listed above.