One on One Coaching

True Conversations Your Soul Is Begging You to Have (and how to overcome the bullshit we use to ignore it)

With our Founder and CEO, you will be coached one on one through the following to help you achieve your TRUE personal manifestation of your next holistic life goals (professional and personal).

  • How we know when our soul is begging us to have a true conversation (and what is a true conversation exactly). 
  • Why we do not listen, or face the people we need to communicate with in order to do our soul's biding and how to overcome these barriers. 
  • Identify and action plan around things you can do better so you can live your soul's bliss.

Together we will:

  1. Initial holistic life assessment
  2. Identify goals and areas for improvement
  3. 4 weeks of 1on1 coaching calls 
  4. Methods for setting yourself up for success to have the conversations needed to achieve your soul's next step.

Email Meghan at to request a free 15 minute initial phone call to see if you are a good fit for this coaching.

Corporate Training

Breaking down barriers, creating connection and providing sustainable solutions to improving retention, compliance, respect and inclusive work environments, through the hearing and having of True Conversations ™.

Email us to request a phone call.


Corporate Training Services 

  • Pre assessment to identify needs 
  • Virtual online courses for employees and management
  • In person professional development workshop series 
  • Events as needed



Leadership Workshop Series 

Leaders Do Self Care

Leaders Know Who They Are and Aren't

Leaders Understand and Respect Values

Leaders Sit in the Struggle

Leaders are Curious People

Leaders Know How to Listen to Themselves and Others


True Conversations ™ Leadership Workshop Series

The mission of this program is to develop leaders’ ability to engage in the most difficult, stigmatized yet necessary conversations they will experience professionally and personally in the context of a polarized society. Not only does this program increase the effectiveness and confidence of their communication skills in tough situations, but develops the qualities of a person who is whole, self assured, empathetic and willing to hold space for differences with respect. This series can be catered to students as young as 5th graders up through higher education as well as business, nonprofit and corporate environments. Can be delivered individually or preferably as a series.