Dear Husband, I Was Under the Influence of Sick Kids

Dear Husband,

You would think that when our children get sick we would become this super power team of germ fighting, crying stopping, and immune boosting together. I mean we basically kick ass when other crisis hit, like a change in salary or a flood in the basement or major life decisions. We decide which of us is awesome at what, huddle up, and go out there and kick some ass. Our communication is a strength I am proud of... well that is except for when the sun goes down and the kids are sick.

The reality is, for some reason, 3 years and 2 kids later, I am pretty sure I make us into arch enemies that come out at night when the kids get sick. So thank you for putting up with it.  I want you to know that what is coming out of my mouth is pretty much the exact opposite of what I really mean. I know what you are thinking, gosh this sounds a lot like our teen years. Girl would say "Leave! (but I really mean stay)." 15 years later Mama says, "Leave! (but I really mean stay). Thank you for going to sleep and waking up in the morning acting like nothing happened, still, all these years later. 

I am pretty sure that when our kids are sick, in pain, inconsolable, that same hormonal, fight of flight (and in this case FIGHT), self comes arrives fully loaded. I will blame evolution and the survival of our species that makes us mamas after nightfall into such angry bears when our children are sick and why fathers seem to have this calm and collected gene. What I mean to say is thank you. 

When I tell you "You're doing it wrong" what I really mean to say is, "I know you've tried 100 different things but maybe all he wants is option 101, don't give up you are doing great... I am going back to bed."

After I have said, "Just let me do it" what I mean to say is "You have been trying for so long, I can tell you are frustrated, let me give you a break and I feel guilty for not doing anything to help."

While I am sending you out at 11pm to get medicine across time I am paralyzed in the same position at home praying that somehow time moves super fast and you are home in 30 seconds.

Remember when you've been at it for hours and I come in finally and the baby calms down, remember you did most of the work, not me. It is like when I try to open that jar of pickles and try and try and when I give it to you you open it easily and I say, "Oh I loosened it for you." Except this time it is true. 

If nothing else remember that I mean to add "and thank you" to the end of everything I say when I am under the influence of a sick kid. Like when people add "in bed" to the end of their fortune in a fortune cooky. When I say "I got it, give him to me" remember to hear, "AND THANK YOU."


Your wife