Dear Self, Pick Up One Tiny Piece of the Puzzle

 Dear Self,
Sitting in KFC because you miss my home country and crying over chicken wings and fries won't do anyone any good. You're here in this new world and you better snap out of it if you're going to make any kind of difference in the world. Your vision for things you want to create is so big, it can be overwhelming, and that's okay. It's so big you can't even see the whole picture from 30 feet.

So little bird, swoop down and pick up one tiny piece of the puzzle, and focus on that for a while. Play with it. Enjoy it. Shape it into something completely different than how you found it... And it will become exactly what it needs to be to fit into the rest of the puzzle.

You need to go down and get up close and really see and discover what you're working with ... And then fly up high again to sit back and see if you can figure out the big picture, and then back down again in the midst of everything. Up and down, slowly building things over time, like a nest. But don't look around and cry, little bird, because you aren't where you want to be yet. Get busy. Eventually you'll get the hang of it and enjoy flying.