Submit a Letter "From Me to You"

"From Me to You" is an Original True Conversations™ Blog Series based in letters written by people like you write to another person, thing or concept.

If you could write a letter to ANYONE or ANYTHING to whom or to what would you write a letter?

What would you say?

You have something to say...

  • to get off your chest
  • to reveal
  • to share
  • to write gratitude for, to thank
  • to claim
  • between you and something or someone... living or not, who you have met, or not, human or NOT.

Share it with us and it could end up being published on our blog! 

It does not have to be "good" or "written well" this is about REAL voices and REAL feelings.

Submit your letter below. Join in the social media challenge and post this: 

"If you could WRITE A LETTER to anyone or any thing WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? I decided to participate in the True Conversations #FromMeToYou Challenge and write a letter to _______. I nominate these 3 people (tag them) to write one too! You can submit your own letter, view my letter and others at 

Ideas for letters to...

  • Someone who is no longer alive
  • A past President, celebrity
  • Your cancer, an organ, a disease
  • Your child, parent, unborn, spouse, friend
  • Your home, your car, a cup of coffee
  • A pet, a leaf, the weather, 
  • The person driving next to you, the crossing guard, the parent you never spoke to"
Name *
What title would you give it? Leave blank if you are unsure. We may change the title in publishing.
Your letter. We encourage you to pick something that you can connect with transparently, humanly, emotionally, and have a perspective from which you can give some uplifting or empowering message near the end. No more than 500 words. By voluntarily submitting this letter you are giving True Conversations LLC the right to publish it in now and in the future at any time.
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