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We believe all human beings deserve understanding. If you do too... podcast with us! 

Join us! – Join our podcast network featured on 3 platforms, to promote, preserve or progress your community's wisdom and help SPREAD UNDERSTANDING.

Goal: To provide businesses, non profits, individuals and communities the opportunity to share their stories, perspectives, and wisdom through the global podcast network that converges diverse topics ranging from health, spirituality, career, family, stigmatized issues and speciality topics in our hallmark transparent, real, uplifting and empowering manner.


Why are we doing it? We feel we have something unique to offer when it comes to podcasting, our TRUE style and way of interviewing, the impact of relating to the guest speaker and audience. We also know we cannot shed light on all perspectives, walks of life or wisdom by ourselves.

Podcasts are the new radio and many consumers and leaders are choosing podcasts to educate and empower themselves. It is THE #1 Content promotional platform today. Jump into the momentum of True Conversations and have your stories and thoughts published on our podcast channel instead of trying to do it on your own. Let us help you be heard!

Where will people hear us?: Your podcasts will be hosted on the Itunes, stitcher and on our website. 


1. DIY: We can teach you how to choose topics, find guests, interview and edit the podcast, then you just send it to us for publishing on the TRUE Conversations Network for as low as $35*/month.

2. WE DO IT: We can do it all or some of the grunt work.

  • Offering multiple packages to choose from!
  • Our work and cost of running a single podcast, broadcasted on 3 platforms, would normally cost you on your own or through another company at least $480/episode but here it can be as low as $59. *in some special instances, we are open to an in kind service/donation/value exchange in place of or to reduce the monthly subscription. 

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Know of someone or an organization who has been meaning to launch a podcast series of their own? Let us know! We want to help take the stress, a lot of cost, and work out of podcasting for individuals and organizations.