Past Events

Redefining LOVE: for your body, family and purpose

February 28, 2016 2pm EST

We pulled back the curtain on the public perception of what love was and is becoming as life stages change. There is a need for redefining something so powerful as love in our lives. Your special link for joining this webinar will be emailed to you after your ticket purchase.


Laura Clark - current National Director for United State Miss Earth, National Director for International Ms, and former NFL Cheerleader for the Kansas City Chiefs, former Ms Virginia and former Ms United States... come hear Laura discuss how she has battled the demands of body image while working in the pageant and cheerleading industries. She admits to intermittently battling eating disorders including anorexia and binge eating. Ultimately, find out what were pivotal in helping her overcome this disease.

Mary Sitko Jordan -From public health and biotech sales involving institutions like NIH, Johns Hopkins, and Walter Reed, what made Mary Jordan decide it was time to own her own business which has operated successfully for the past 9 years? Owner of Bra La La in Maryland advocating for the health of women. Hear her story about the interplay between her 30 years of marriage, her business and her children. 

Is it really normal to go from that to this? Are you in the process of redefining love: of your body, your family, or your purpose? How long as it been since you felt whole... in your own skin, in your marriage, in your parenting, in your current chapter?