Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we have.- Oprah.png
  • 6 week online course
  • Sneak peak at some of the topics we will cover in Truth Tellers...
    •  Self Care
    • Know Who They Are and Aren't
    • Understand and Respect Values
    • Sit in the Struggle
      • Lesson per week dropped into your email so you can learn around your schedule
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Weekly fb lives in private group 
  • Launching week price: Just $199 (reg $249) 
    • 30 minute private coaching phone session for truth tellers registered before February 15.




True Conversations ™ Leadership Workshop Series for Truth Tellers.

STARTS March 5, 2018!

In order to engage in the most difficult, stigmatized yet necessary conversations you will experience professionally and personally in the context of a polarized society who do you have to become? Not only does this program increase the effectiveness and confidence of your communication skills in tough situations, but develops the qualities of a person who is whole, self assured, empathetic and willing to hold space for differences with respect.







We honestly could care less about charging you any money to learn these life changing skills and heartset (because we believe in being of service to you so much!), and we only do because we know how YOU need to have invested in yourself in order to show up! How many times are there free courses out there that you sign up for and never actually DO the work? How about cheap ones? You sign up, do some of the work and then let inconvenience get in the way of your learning. We care about YOU enough to make you a bit uncomfortable so that you will give yourself the gift of showing UP and getting the most you can out of this course. Congratulations for investing in transforming how you will perceive and interact with the world from here on out!