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"Uplifting and positive environment. I value the real rawness of women and their stories shared through a transparent lens. Women from all paths of life joining together to empower each other, that's what I love about True-Conversations. It's hard to find that these days! But True-Conversations has nailed it."- Sarah E :"

"I'm so blessed to be friends with Meghan who created TRUE Conversations as a forum for open and honest discussions. Already I've benefited from the courage of others to come forward and openly discus issues we all face everyday. It is a platform for learning and growing positively and encouraging others to live their best lives!!! Thanks Meghan for this outlet!" - Alison B 2016

“Shout out to Meghan Enriquez for inviting me to be on the panel at True Conversations LLC ! CONGRATULATIONS on a successful event!!!” – Monique Washington Jones, owner of Karate4Girls Academy

“Really enjoyed your event tonight. Thanks for the inspiration and the reminders to keep it real and IMperfect!” – Michelle R

“You put together a nice event this evening Meghan Enriquez! You’re a real sweet and wonderful person! I love that all the panelists were equally kind!” – Debra S, mother, business owner

"Thank YOU for this beautiful gift you are sharing with so many!" - Tina, mother, TRUE guest speaker

"Congratulations and thank you for all you do!" - Laura Clark, National Director Miss Earth, TRUE panelist

"You are doing an amazing job with a wonderful vision."- Janelle, mother, attendee

"I was a guest speaker for the first True conversation event. I love how the event brought people in a room to hear real conversations. Megan does an amazing job of finding the best speakers to share experiences she feels the audience will connect with. If you haven't gone to a true conversation event you should definitely check it out." - Sarah B, Olympian in Training



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