"So This is 30" - a True Conversations Series


"So This is 30" ™

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Ashley Davidson:

Freelance writer Ashley Davidson, a 30-year-old living near Washington, D.C., gives us a humorous, transparent, realistic view of what being 30 today is like. The ups, the downs, the dogs, the divorce, the marathons, the gluten-free diet. 

Ashley Davidson has written for The Washington Post Magazine, Runner's World, Wine Enthusiast, RunWashington, and Gannett GET Creative branded content studio.

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Casey Embert:

Creator of the Cool Breezy blog and a freelance writer in the music scene of Baltimore and DC, Casey gives us the inside scoop at what it is like being an almost-30 year old. You will relate and understand this generation better as she covers everything from student loan debt, a passion for creativity, and what happens when life doesn't quite go as planned.

Casey Embert writes for the Washington City Paper and the Baltimore City Paper.



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