2016 Transparency

  • The CEO made: $0 
  • Bloggers are volunteer 
  • Guests were not compensated and did not pay to participate
  • Book and service recommendations were not for profit 

Audience report

Plenty of companies and "celebrities" are purchasing "likes" or email lists or addresses so that they can approach advertisers for more money with the reasoning they have a strong "following." Many of you have been told that companies have large numbers of distribution, but are people really hearing and growing a relationship with YOU? No.

Did you know that there are even podcast automators, a program that will come in and around the clock fake play a podcast channel so that it appears to have more viewership than it does??? UGH! When we were approached by a company to do this we told them to talk to our hand, because we didn't give a d@&$.

True Conversations pledges to never do this. 

Our numbers represent REAL LIVES of people who voluntarily have decided to follow and engage with us.

Our goal is to ELEVATE YOU, build trusting relationships with the community. Your money is precious and we uphold our commitment to showing you the numbers of people who actually engaged with us last year.

We proudly organically reached 6,000 individual people through our programming in 2016.

We began January 2016

3 live events/Podcast launched April/Blog relaunched October

  • Total live event attendance: 80
  • Since April Podcast listens: 1060
  • Website Audience (repeat viewers): 4,500
  • Audience total: 6,500+

(numbers are as of January 1, 2017)

UPDATE: As of Jan 27, we have reached an additional 6000 unique audience members in the past two months!!!

Transparency Report

We believe in complete transparency with our supporters around our revenue and profits. 

One of the things people assume about a for profit vs a non profit is that a for profit is just out to make, well, profit. We want people to feel empowered to look past this and realize that such good and a company's mission can come from taking off the limitations a non profit has on how they can spend and give their money. There are plenty of immoral for profits, and plenty of mis managed non profits in the world. 

Everything in True Conversations are guided by our four distinguished characteristics, to be: Transparent, Real, Uplifting and Empowering. 


  • Continue collaborating with diverse organizations to help spread our mission and training of purposeful transparency across corporate offices, educational settings and homes in live events, podcasting, training, publications and merchandise.
  • Expand to a podcast network (DONE!)
  • Bring programming to college campuses for student leaders to learn the art of having true conversations around tough topics such as diversity and inclusion.
  • Host at least 1 movie premier of Inc.com's top 5 must see documentaries, "She Started It" about female CEOs and have 300 or more attendees from business owners and aspiring students. See events

Where does money go?

Revenue gets split up on average this way:

  • 10% GIVING (charity to the Emily List Fund for Performing Arts Therapy and Tigerlily Foundation.)
  • 60% to fund future programs listed above
  • 20%+ to staffers or volunteers who help make it happen
  • 5-10% CEO and leadership salary