To empower student leaders of higher education organization (colleges and universities) with the mindset and skills to develop a culture on campus as well as beyond into their careers post graduation, that includes understanding across barriers and differences, compassion and coalition building.

Program and Curriculum

Our goal is to provide training, on going mentorship and a train the trainer model for continued sustainability of the programming and skills for years to come at your institution. 

Typically departments such as Student Government, Community/Residential Assistants, Diversity and Inclusion organizations, LGTBQ, Health Center, Women's Studies, Americorps, Greek Life, and more, gain a great benefit from attending and being engaged with our program throughout the school years.

Program includes training staff and student leaders:

  • How to communicate using TRUE Conversations style, why it is pivotal to leadership and the science behind connection and trust. (2 day weekend retreat, typically prior to fall or spring semester)
  • How to produce a True Conversations podcast and discover avenues on campus that allow them to broadcast it and make accessible to both commuters as well as on campus residents. (once a week virtual training intensive for 4 weeks)
  • How to identify core issues and groups of people on campus who could benefit from a platform where their voices can be heard, and how to identify and interview people from all sides of an issue in order to produce a True panel discussion and social event. (ongoing regular scheduled support meetings with our trainers) 
  • Help mentor students and staff to identify who can help their programming stay on point with the needs of all voices on campus, encourage participation, and remain respectful to the overall mission of the University. (ongoing regular scheduled mentoring meetings with our trainers) 

Why it Works

The art and finesse of using transparency builds trust and connection across all varieties of differences. It is science based. It is important that students learn this skill, as well as the critical thinking and exposure to people from all backgrounds of life, in order to grow as leaders who will put facts and well rounded perspectives above rumors and one sided conversations in the forefront of how they lead and influence our future.

We believe that students of higher education are the ones where we can make one of the biggest changes in developing compassionate and TRUE (transparent, real, uplifting and empowering) leaders.  We look forward to finding out what your needs are, and seeing how we can provide the structure, man power and creativity to help your campus become one that develops leaders into the next generation of change makers.