TRUE Success™ with Sarah Morrison: Follow Your Feelings

"I do not believe in luck... it is so funny how lucky successful people appear to be. But we worked harder, we made choices other people didn't decide to make and because of that we have more time freedom, and that allows us to help, especially the people who do not have the option to make the choices we could make."


Sarah Morrison is a Musician/Producer/Vocal Coach/Entrepreneur.  Her voice can be heard on jingles, commercials and records throughout North America.  She is a highly accredited Voice Coach/Expert for many of Canadian’s Top TV shows including, Popstars, Canadian Idol, Canada’s Got Talent, The Next Star: SuperGroup, and Entertainment Tonight Canada. For her, coaching and mentoring, whether in Music or Business, has been a fundamental that has underlined all facets of her career(s). After having children, Sarah decided to add another online business in order to phase out touring.  Having reached to top level of management, this has allowed her to balance family and her entrepreneurial drive, with continued self growth, development and philanthropic goals.

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