TRUE Success™ is FREEDOM with Dr. Tamaey Gottuso

Whatever those deep pain points for you are in your life, in your history, chances are that’s a part of why you are here, to help others bridge to heal those parts of them and they can’t do it without you.
— Dr. Tamaey Gottuso

On this True Conversations TRUEcast episode listen in as we talk with Tamaey Gottuso, PhD.

Having grown up in a trailer with no hot water or electricity, to having wealth, giving up all of her possessions multiple times and traveled to over 40 countries, you will want to hear what makes this woman a True Success. 

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Tamaey Gottuso, PhD has been a compassionate, multi-disciplinary mentor for over 25 years, helping individuals uncover their soul’s deepest passion and purpose. She uniquely works with each of her clients to gain clarity for their lives while expanding their innate talents and abilities--creatively, intuitively and spiritually.


A sought-after metaphysician, new-thought leader and law of attraction specialist, her greatest passion is to assist people with what she calls their “soul acceleration,” so they can powerfully and purposefully synergize their strengths and talents to manifest their dreams. As a seasoned yoga, fitness and wellness consultant with 9 certifications her credit, Dr. Gottuso draws from her unique skill set as a motivational coach, to stir the “inner athlete” from within those she works with, to rise to their highest potential.


With two degrees in Management and Administration; a Bachelor’s degree in Divinity;  a Master’s degree in Spiritual Counseling and a PhD in Metaphysics, Dr. Gottuso also offers her clients a unique understanding of the business world. Over the decades she has been retained for her expertise in the fields of marketing and events management, travel and hospitality, management of investment portfolios and administrative management. Her keen skill set and intuitive ability to understand the challenge of managing a professional career while answering to the call of the soul brings her distinct recognition.  


Most importantly, Tamaey considers herself a humble vessel for the Divine. A dedicated yogi, vegetarian, animal activist and nature lover, she believes that living and leading by example is her greatest strength. This gives her a unique ability to inspire and mentor others who are seeking to do the same, using a grounded, relatable approach.

She mentions this free virtual summit in our conversation. 

She mentions this free virtual summit in our conversation.