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TRUE Success™ Manifesto

We are redefining TRUE Success as living a PEACEFUL and FULFILLING LIFE, regardless of titles, popularity and wealth. 

True Success is imperfect. I choose to be purposefully TRANSPARENT about my journey. I share mindfully with my team, my advocates and my support system about our worth and value, our mistakes and lessons, our resources and needs. 
True Success is individualized and unique to me. I welcome and value sharing REAL stories of both victory and falls. I commit to discovering the REAL me, and honoring my path and another's path without comparison or judgement. 
True Success uplifts and is ever growing. I am UPLIFTING whenever I can be even if I do not understand someone else's journey to success. I ask for help from those who are mastering an aspect of life I can learn from when I am in need of being UPLIFTED.
True Success empowers by walking the talk. May all my experiences and struggles be EMPOWERING to someone else, as theirs can be EMPOWERING to me. 
I commit to having more TRUE conversations in my success journey so we can lean on each other’s experiences to validate us and remind us we are deserving and equally have value.  
With Love and Gratitude, 
I #ChooseTRUESuccess
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