Reclaiming Body: Sex, Food and Judgement

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Guest Elizabeth Steinhauer, Miss Earth Ohio 2016 and an NFL Cheerleader for Cincinnati Bengals, joined me in discussing some of the most avoided topics of today, and we tried our best to tackle these sensitive topics with as little shame and as much compassion as possible. The topics are: Sex, Food and Judgement as they relate to Reclaiming one's body. As parents we need to learn how to have these true conversations with our daughters and sons as they grow older, but first the healthy mindset and the attitude begins within us, the adults. Her insightfulness, honesty and mindfulness about her choices around sex, her ups and downs with food, pageants, competitive sports, cheerleading, and her body are relatable and wisdom for everyone. 

You will be enriched and surprised by where our conversation takes us! A must listen!

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