Reclaiming Earth and Health: Raising Vegan

Alison Bucklin, a mother and wife raising a Vegan family, talks to True Conversations about what made her decide to personally become a vegan, why she is raising her now 3 old daughter that way and what impact it is having on the sustainability of the environment, her family's health and animal rights. What may surprise is what we uncover about health, and how the decision to be vegan is not just about loving animals or saving the planet, it is a personal way to positively prevent disease, even cancer. So why not? For any family wondering what the big to do is about veganism, are plant based diets really that important, and how they could possibly even imagine giving up their chicken, listen in and take away whatever pieces of wisdom and knowledge empower you and your family.

Alison Bucklin is a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a niece and a lover of all God's creatures. I work full time for Invacare corporation as a manufacturers sales representative in Baltimore, MD. I also have my own health & wellness business with Arbonne International. In my free time I love to spend time with my family traveling to the beach or skiing in Lake Tahoe. I also enjoy roller skating and participate in an annual roller skating show where I get to perform in front of a crowd, which I love!  My greatest joy is my daughter Evelyn whom I conceived through IVF after years struggling with unexplained infertility. She is the light of my life!  My husband, David, and I are vegan along with our daughter. We do this for the animals, for our health and for the environment!