True Conversations with Paula: Modern HERstory

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Today you will be listening to my conversation with Blair Imani and Monique Le. The two of them have collaborated to create their first self published book entitled Modern HERstory.

Blair Imani is a Black American Muslim activist living in Brooklyn, NY. Imani is the founder and Executive Director of Equality for HER a nonprofit educational platform for feminine identifying individuals.

Modern HERstory is Equality for HER’s very first self published print publication. The book is an inclusive and intersectional approach to women’s history with vibrant illustrations from artist Monique Le.

On June 9th Blair appeared on the Fox News show Tucker Carlson Tonight where she was interviewed about her support of Taxpayer Funded Muslim Safe Spaces. I offered Blair the opportunity in this podcast to talk some more about that. She took it and so you’ll hear some about that as well.

Join me as you find out how these two women met (have still never met in person), created Modern HERstory and why?

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