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TRUE Healing: Touch Therapy for Stress and Anxiety Part 1 & 2

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In times like these when the entire nation of the United States is filled with stress over the upcoming election, ethics, cultures, security, and even more, we feel as though these times often force us to look into ourselves, our healing, our toolbox even deeper. We wanted to provide you with a simple, and effective way to calm stress, anxiety and fear for everyone in the family: TOUCH. A hug. A foot massage. A gaze. But how does it really work? How can we do this daily and intentionally and when do we really need it?

Lisa Manning, a certified craniosacral therapist, and massage therapist of Annapolis MD, shares during this True Conversation her stories and insight with us on how we can utilize touch in our daily lives to calm anxiety, reduce fear in an effort to maintain a healthy emotional landscape between not just the adults in the home but also with the children. 


PART 1: Emotional Landscaping