Dad Talks: Home and Happiness

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Joseph Child:

Father of 4, Grandfather of 3, 
Skilled juggler of a 34 year marriage, life, family and 35 year tenured career in real estate finance.

When you meet Joe Child, Mortgage Super Genius, of Severna Park Maryland, you quickly learn what makes him great at financing home mortgages for the community and it isn't just the number of years in the industry. His empathy for the choices families today are having to make around career, family, and their home is astounding.

Come listen in to this philosopher and dad, a guy who helps people finance the home of their dreams, get real about why a bigger house, a loftier dream, may not be the path to finding happiness or leaving a legacy. Intertwined in his genius is his extensive life experience, lessons learned, and the raising of four grown children, some of whom have kids of their own now, amidst a career known for having people hustle. What insights does he have for young families today about enriching their lives, making the choice between money and dreams? A lot. 

Wellness Talks: Living with Postpartum Anxiety

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I am joined today by Hannah, a mother of two, who suffered from postpartum PTSD and anxiety. She is also the founder of the Anne Arundel County chapter of ICAN (international Cesarean awareness network). I wanted to talk to her about her journey toward choosing to include medication into her tool box of overcoming postpartum anxiety and CLAIM to live a better day!

After last week's TRUEcast where we covered why the gut is so pivotal to our mental wellness and nutritional ways to better ourselves, I wanted to also talk about the other side of medicine, which is the use of anti depressants. Both approaches can be appropriate together or separate for each individual.