Reclaiming Self: From Abuse and Homelessness to Advocacy and Hope

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"This is my story, this is my calling, this is my job. [because of my own story] I have dedicated my life to protecting, conserving and enhancing children and families.

As a victim and now advocate for child abuse and homelessness I volunteer majority of my time at homeless shelters. I have been able to speak at multiple recovery programs and share my story. No matter what your past is, how broken you think you are, how broken your family might be, your mistakes, or regrets your story, your ashes can be made into something beautiful!" - Christy

From abuse and homelessness to advocacy and hope, listen in to Miss New Mexico Earth United States, Christy Waite's transparent and empowering story about how she has turned her pain into her purpose and what mindset and belief has built her to be one resilient leading woman.