RESPECT: In our Relationships, Parenting and Community

This week we are joined by Margaret Lacson-Ecarma, whose experience you will hear is as diverse as it gets, ranging from producing the nightly news to working with the white house administration and owning her own business. When I met Margaret she was speaking to the Asian Business Collective for Women about RESPECT, in a professional sense. I knew that I wanted her and I to revisit respect and how it really looks in the private parts of our lives, between parent and child, spouse to spouse, and stranger to stranger. One of the aspects of respect is solidarity, and how we should always remember we are all one. In the world today, as people are feeling the pains of others through social media and the news, I am thrilled to give you this unique conversation about the components of respect and how to live a fulfilling peaceful life.

This world of ours... must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate, and be, instead, a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect.
— Dwight D. Eisenhower

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Managing It As a MOMpreneur: with Souny West

I wanted to talk about what it is really like being and balancing being a Mompreneur. Souny West is the former owner of W Salon in Virginia and now the founder of She is a mother of two, and an integral part of the Washington DC and Northern VA small business community. 

Souny and I have known each other for over 3 years, and having watched her transitions between business and family I knew she was someone we needed to hear from about being a Mompreneur. 

We delve into how we stay connected with our children, ourselves, and our support system. How the lessons and values in business transfer over to family and vice versa. What she felt were some of the biggest mistakes and what single concept is so key to everything she does. 


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Dad Talks: Technology from Toddlers to Teens

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Chris Barber, of Cheaper Than a Geek located in Crofton Maryland sat down to hash out some very real professional and parenting moments when it comes to the ever changing platform of technology, his profession, and kids.

We delved into things like how do we protect our technology from mayhem caused by our toddlers? When is it appropriate to get your teenager an email address? How do we go with the flow to best prepare our children for the world in which they are going to prosper? As a dad who had started his business before his daughter was born, he also took some time to reflect on the career decision he made and how being an entrepreneur impacted his daughter's view of the world. 

“We know you aren’t supposed to drink alcohol until you are 21… I don’t feel like there are hard numbers associated with when it is ok to get an email, or a cell phone. Even though I am in the technology space, I find myself a little uncertain, second guessing myself.”- Chris Barber Cheaper Than a Geek

Wellness Talks: Living with Postpartum Anxiety

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I am joined today by Hannah, a mother of two, who suffered from postpartum PTSD and anxiety. She is also the founder of the Anne Arundel County chapter of ICAN (international Cesarean awareness network). I wanted to talk to her about her journey toward choosing to include medication into her tool box of overcoming postpartum anxiety and CLAIM to live a better day!

After last week's TRUEcast where we covered why the gut is so pivotal to our mental wellness and nutritional ways to better ourselves, I wanted to also talk about the other side of medicine, which is the use of anti depressants. Both approaches can be appropriate together or separate for each individual.

Teaching Our Children To Save

One day a little boy found some money laying in the street. He brought it home and asked his parents what he should do with the found money.

One parent said to save it. Another said to spend it. The boy was confused why his parents had two different answers. When he asked them to explain why they each thought they had the best answer he was surprised to hear their answers.

What would your answer have been to your child? Let's take a listen at what financial educator and father of a 4 year old, has to say about Teaching Our Children to Save.

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