Dad Talks: Technology from Toddlers to Teens

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Chris Barber, of Cheaper Than a Geek located in Crofton Maryland sat down to hash out some very real professional and parenting moments when it comes to the ever changing platform of technology, his profession, and kids.

We delved into things like how do we protect our technology from mayhem caused by our toddlers? When is it appropriate to get your teenager an email address? How do we go with the flow to best prepare our children for the world in which they are going to prosper? As a dad who had started his business before his daughter was born, he also took some time to reflect on the career decision he made and how being an entrepreneur impacted his daughter's view of the world. 

“We know you aren’t supposed to drink alcohol until you are 21… I don’t feel like there are hard numbers associated with when it is ok to get an email, or a cell phone. Even though I am in the technology space, I find myself a little uncertain, second guessing myself.”- Chris Barber Cheaper Than a Geek